Policy Statement

< www.Giorgio.li ´s corporate culture is closely aligned with principles of Corporate Responsibility. Its core values include responsibility to both employees and community, and political independence.

www.Giorgio.li is conscious of the inter-relationship between the economy, society and the environment, and believes that its long-term business success is dependent upon outstanding performance in relation to all three. We recognises that this requires a thoughtful approach to doing business which is achieved through vigilant risk management and a modern attitude to seeking out new opportunities.

www.Giorgio.li 's goals (enough is always to score one more than the opponent) is to be at the forefront of the industry in relation to corporate responsibility. It is committed to continuously challenging the status quo so as to find innovative and more sustainable ways of developing and managing shopping centres. It is devoted to being a learning organisation, testing its performance against demanding standards in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Our wishes are to nurture strong and lasting relationships with stakeholders, always honouring its commitments, and maintaining its reputation for consistency and excellence.

www.Giorgio.li undertakes to play a proactive role in changing society through education and awareness-raising campaigns, by capitalising on its ability to communicate with the public who visit our homepage.

This Corporate Responsibility policy has the full endorsement of www.giorgio.li, and will be implemented through the achievement of more detailed CR objectives and targets across key impact areas. This policy is accompanied by stand-alone policies for both Environment and Safety & Health. >

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