2012 - (Bildlegende fehlt). Which means: better no comments. Opinion: Paparazzi alive.

2011 - July at Les Diablerets.

August. I am aible to run like Emil Zatopek. Olimpic Museum Lausanne.

April 2010 in Munich, the German lion Town. Who is the real lion here?

2010 - A very welcome and happy new year directly to you thru my friend Willy Richard, which is in the same time my "personal" artist. He made the paints for the Clay Regazzoni Revival Exhibitions - watch www.clayregazzoni.ch - and also for our artistic exhibitions about The History of Formula 1. Simply unique.

2008 - Once I  met the world famous Swiss national team football coach Jakob "Köbi" Kuhn. Unbelievable rencontre between two great footballers, an old one and an actual one!

2008 - May '08 ahead of Tino Hauri's Tino Bar.

2007 - "The" footballer novaday, anno 2007, as you may see, still the same freshman than 1995 or 1984 - scroll down to find.

June 2007 - Hallo again, that's me, you see, in the middle, smiling? I am relaxed, despite of my friend John from Zuoz in the Puter Region of Unterengadin. I just told him that Urs M., remains my friend even he lost his girl friend. He could not understand me, he could not, he could not, he could not, he could not, he could not, he...

April 2007 - This is the door of an oldtimer car. Do you see some known people inside there?

2006 to 2000

November 2006 - May I introduce you: Brigitte Oertli, my first secretary Anno 1982. Than she left us and start her professional career as skier. She won few World Cup races, a World Cup, few medals by World Championships and so much second places, that we don't have enough place on this side to write the whole list. Picture J.P. Froidevaux.

November 2006 - This is La Tarifa, southest point in continental Europe, frontal Marruecos, which is Morocco. Sorry about the disappointed face but it was quite windy. Picture by Alexis Garonne.

November 2006 - La Tarifa, you see now?

November 2006 - During the game vs. Manchester United in Gibraltar on the Victoria Stadium, I left the field 10 minutes to go, in order to give my sub Alexis Garonne a chance to score his first goal for us.

November 2006 - Giorgio in Gibraltar, Giorgio on the big gun, Giorgio ready to shot... but finally we did'nt shot so much, we god, god, god, a lot. This gun is ahead of the best hotel in the country, La Caleta at the Cataluna Bay, a nice place with beach and who was occupied in the past by the Genovesi, the peopple from Genova. Later on, Catalunian went here to defend Gibraltar.

November 2006 - Following this nice invitation from Gibraltar Football Association, we went to GIB for two football games, one vs their National team, which is not officially on the FIFA Liste, and once vs Manchester United. ManU was in Gibraltar same time so for them it was important to play a game with our international known. Since last Year, you know, we have the päpstliches Segen, I don't know in english, doesn't matter, it means, when the Pope is looking down to you, this is Päpstliches Segen. We played päpstlich too with ManU and we got 5.

March 06 - Let me introduce to you my best companion in Seoul, Suji from the world popular Suji's Restaurant at the entry of Itaewon. Watch THE NEWS to know more about the resto - Best picture in life of Helen Heeley of GB. 

November 2005 - Once again in front of a Royal Palace and once again the same story than 1989 in Tokio. No meeting by the King. Pictured by Herr Abendschein.


- The "SV-Vollmond-Platz", a place in Zurich down town with our name, was born early November. You see me and our future vicepresident Frank Nader, which is responsible in the club for the frames. You see us in the press cut from daily <20 Minuten>'s fastest reporter, Lady Romina Lenzlinger.


October 2005

- So, finally I found in Colmar my <dépendance> in France. Picture by Alexis Garonne, October 2005.



- Please, take your time and visit my french company in Colmar, Picture by Alexis Garonne, October 2005.



- Could I kindly invite you to make a turn in my new car? No, no, don't warry, this is the complete car. As you see, exclusively for the fall. Picture by Alexis Garonne, October 2005, Musée de Mulhouse.


2005 - I brought the famous ZDF-Torwand, very known competition since more than 40 years at ZDF-Sportstudio of Germany, to a party in Zurich downtown, Wiedikon to be correct.

2005 - As captain of our football team called SVV Selection of Switzerland (left) vs. Vatican National Team, in Rom close to St. Peters Basilica. July 2005 


Personal gift to the Overall Captain of Vatican's Football National Team, Mr. Joseph Ratzinger alias Pope Benedict Nr. 16, thru Coach Sergio Valci. We went to Rome after a few days in Gerano (see coming pics).

I organized for our football team a travel to the village of Gerano, close Tivoli, by Roma, in July 2005. Gerano went to Monsterrat one year after us and after they saw my report about football in Montserrat in the italian weekly Guerin Sportivo. Gerano's mayor Andrea Eumini received our complete team in he Casa Comunale.

I proudly introduce you to the lion of Zurich, a special gift from Zurich's mayor for Gerano's mayor.

2005 - Some time the coach is not so happy about governing the game, as you may see... - Hardhof in May 2005

2004 - Hello! That's me as a Fussballdirigent by SVV in the Hardhof Court Nr 11 in Zurich Outtown, close to the European Bridge. July 2004.



2004 - Formula 1 was a hard time, harder than other jokes, like next picture... September 2004.



2004 - ...my ex girl friend was quiet more than only a joke. She was only wild, like Gina Wild. Here we're sending our kisses to Mario <The Door> Porta. September 2004.



2004 - Since June 2004 my father Oskar is here in Castagnola Ruvigliana. He had a goal, to reach the age of 90 years and to be married for 50 years. He lost both of them, but finally he went happy seeing all 4 kids of his son Giacomo "Jack". The last of this specie rara, Xavier, born 2003, you'll find him under www.bedano.com.

2003 - Hi! Playing soccer is making durschtig, you know? Rivella hasn't found this slogan. But if you're running behind water after the game it means, than you had run, despite, what our defender Ernie Fortheneigborns says about. Ernie (<DJ Serioso> but also simply called in the agglo <..The Eeeeeeeeeeeeernst>) has a hard critical opinion in our team. Simply hard... FC Hard may be? Pic May 03.



2003 - Driving Licence in Monsterrat, caribbean island.

1999 - 9.11.99 at 11 I went married with her. But we resigned the contract after a few years, whatever, things in life may come...

1990 - 2000

1995 - Even in Sweden they know, now, that I made the historical record driving thru 15 european countries in a day, 1009, September. Read on the left the confirmation letter.

1995 - As European Champion at the famous Schützenwiese in Winterthur. Scored the last penalty for the FC Operahouse Zurich vs. FC Arena di Verona in the final. May 1995.








1994 - Read here the German edition of Guinness Book of records

1994 - Fotosession before the Football World Cup, Zurich, May 1994. Pictured by Andreas "Ändu" Meier.



1993 -

In the Fall 1993 I had to travel to Degerfors in South Sweden to renew the contract from Milenko "Mille" Vukcevic by Degerfors IF in the highest swedish football league. Karskoga Kuriren, the daily from the region, reported. The title means "Mille is clear for another DIF year".


- During one of my various travels to Sweden (I love it), I met this nice blond jewel, Mona. But finally she haven't the patience to stay longer with a great one like me... Infortunately. Are i Sverige in March 93.

1993 - In my fourth racing season, finally I won my first race at Magny Cours in France. 3rd on the grid, I take over my competitors in the second lap and than they saw only the "Füdli" of my Ford Fiesta. Assistant at the stand: Peter Mahrer. It was my last race, so at least I left car racing by a victory. Sorry, about what? Ouh, no, no more Autogrammkarten available. But if you like to meet "the driver", mail me! 


1992 - Heureka! Finally in 1992 I earn my first million.

1992 - Jobbing for the world known US TV channel CBS at the Olympic Winter games in french Albertville.


- As you see, during a travel to Japan in 1989, in front of the Royal Palace, the rules are clear. Tokio, November 1989.


- When I was young..., like here in the Cornaredo' Stadio, July 1989, so quiet a few years ago. Picture taken by Luganos Photografics Legend Maurizio Gonnella.1989

1989 - The Fuck Fiche. You have to know that Switzeland made in the 80s a data bank concerning each Swiss citizen. Really no joke, like 50 years before the German Democratic Republic. And this here is my Fiche, which I request in Bern. They wrote once my entry into Switzerland thru GWP (Grenz-Wach-Posten) Au, driving my car ZH85062, my oldtimer Lamborghini Espada 1968. And they note that in my passport I have a Visa from Hungary. All this happened in 1989, yeah, 19.. ahead, not 18.. - Could you believe it?

1989 - Wendy (l.) & Rhonda, Vail USA 02/1989. It was a nice time for 10 days. Wow, what a daily program.


- Racing Cars from 88 to 91. What a nice time. Here in the rain of Zeltweg AUT, 7th time in Training among 65 starter. Crazy. I won once in 1993 at Magny Cours FRA.

1988 - Olimpic Winter games in canadian Calgary.


- When I was young... I was also a strong skiracer. During Ski World Championships '85 in Bormio ITA, I won the press contest, my biggest win as a photographer byside the job. 1st place ahead 182 other wolfs. Thanks Lisi Kirchler (2nd in Women' GS) for the Austrian Overall and Pirmin Zurbriggen's Serviceman Walter Bär for preparing the winner skis! Bormio ITA, February 1985.


1985 - This is the official ranking about the Ski Press World Championships in Bormio, Italy. You se the price giving ceremony in the picture just above.

1985 - Interviewing both Swiss Skistar Michela Figini (r.) and Maria Waliser after their success at the Ski World Cup Race in Pfronten, Germany, for the TSI Televisione Svizzera Italiana.

1984 - My accreditation as a photographer at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter olympic games.

1984 - This is the cover page of my book "Michi", in honour of 1984 Sarajevo Olimpic Women Downhill Winner Michela Figini. We published 3'000 books in three langguages.


- May be my biggest success as photographer. Cover pic by Newsweek in February 1984 for the Sarajevo Olimpics. Newsweek, 55 countries, 6 millions copies. I remain for instance the only swiss having a cover picture by Newsweek. You see Franz Klammer, the magic Austrian, jumping over Minschkante in Wengen. Canon A-1 with 400mm/4.5 lens.


- And here is he, Kaiser Franz Klammer, looking personnally in my lens with the actual Newsweek where he is the focus. Sarajevo, February 1984, Main Press Center of Skenderija.

1984 - In my youth I was not only a footballer, I was also a terrific scorer. You don't believe it? Okay, than read it! Read it here, in SonntagsBlick, Swiss most pooular sunday newspaper printing every sunday more than 300,000 copies and having more than 1 million readers. They say that we won the tournament vs. former Bundesliga Professionals thanks my 3 goals in the 7:4 score. Translations in other languages on request by mail and pre-payment.

Not enough? Than read Zürich Woche left side.

1982 - Accreditation 1982 Ski World Champonships in austrian Schladming, Stiria.

1981 - We tell them "Ops!". In facts, after a football game in Horgen without showers, I decided to drive home to do it ...may be a little bit to fast, apparently this was the opinion of the police following me - and I dind't saw them, thank to a defectuos mirror from my Test-Alfa Romeo GTV. It remains my most expensive ticket yet even 24 years later... - 


1978 - Cover picture I made in Monza by the even first Renault 5 Cup Race and published at the Renault Actualités Magazine.

1970 - 1980

1976 - Greeting to me from the great Barry Shene. I made the picture too.

1972 - I was just 15 years old when I start my first editorial project, this monthly magazine (12 pages!) about car racing called <Sprint>, and who was distributed in the school for a half of a Swiss Franc. It brought me some discussions with the school director because of course, I did it without any request of permission. The end comes after Nr. 3.... - Ginnasio Bellinzona, 1972 -


1971 or 1972 - Our small football team from Moderna Junior FC. Behind from left Fiorenzo Lafranchi+, Roberto Leoni, Gee Gee Balestra, Norberto Brazzola. Ahead: René Chopard, Fabio Boggia, me as a goalkeeper and captain, Domingo Bernasconi.

1971 - AC Bellinzona Junior C Team. Behind from left: Soldini (trainer), Boggia, Borsetto, X, Rossini, Sciaroni, Schär, Leoni, Pancera (coach). Ahead:: Maccini, Marenghi, Keller, Bonzanigo, Ferrini, Bognuda, Rapp, Cerreti. Among them, Rossini, Schär, Leoni and Maccini played later on in Swiss First National, league. Pic by the famous first photographer ijn town, Fontana-Nollo.


1968 at the public swimming pool in Bellinzona (Bagno Vecchio). Fro mleft: Jolanda Broggi, than me the boss, Gianni Delco', Roberto Leoni, André Calame and Mauro Caccialanza.

1968 - It could be '68, may be '69 or '70.

1966 - Since middle of the 60st, my Granddad is sleeping here, in the Cimitero San Giorgio by the Chiesa San Giorgio in Castagnola Ruvigliana, let say Lugano. Together with him, his mother Alwina, his wife Luigina, who dead 1927, when my Father was just 12 years old. 

1965 - In summer 1965, in the age of 8, I wrote this letter from our summer camp in Varenzo, which is close of Ambrì, Ticino. Dear Mam, dear Dad, it's nice here and so on...

1964 I was visiting Expo in Lausanne when I was 7. Here an overview of the Swiss National Exhibition called Expo and who take place normally every 25 years.

You see "the man"?

1964 - During the journey over to Lausanne, we made a stop in bern watching the bears in the famous Bärengraben.

1961 - July 26th, 4 years old.

1961 - Here I am at the peek, the Monte Bré over Lugano. Behind of me, the village of Bre. As you may understand, I made my first hillclimbing races early in life.

1950 - 1960

1960 - Back to me. Pictured by Pia Lina Keller-Iten (Menzingen Zug), that's me and my dad. Januar 26th, 1960: my father was exactly 45 years old, me 2 and a half.

1960, July 26th. My 3th birthdays. Supported by Pia Lina Keller (geborene Iten, Menzingen, Zug)

1958 - November. Following Nick Mason.

1957 - December. Just before...

...just before I met my Grand Daddy Giacomo Otto Keller in order to participate at my first Christmas Party in life.

1958 - You see, already 8 months after my birth, I was in the car.


- Here is one of the first existing documents about my self. August 1957.


- From the first day, my parents had to invest in me. The hospital was loving me and for this reason they keep me there for 63 days by special rate of 4 Swiss Francs daily. As you see, in the hospital we have today same rates more or less like 1957. Greeting for your Krankenkasse. September 1957.

1957 - Friends, this one may be the first official registration about my self. I was Number 15 in this hospital, in the year 1957. July 26th, 1957.

1957 - Unbelieveble! Left hand you see a card, my parents print before I born. So, in case I born as a woman, my name was forecast in Luigina Adelaide Caterina. I discovered this just few months ago, so just in time to reach my 50 years. Really unbelieveble. My parents never told me this before!

1957 - In the middle, watching the unknown photographer, my father Oskar by the Assemblea Generale Furieri Sezione Ticino at Palazzo Conza in Lugano Cassarate. Together on the picture the Furieri Ferrari, Corti, Rupp and Andreoli.

1956 - Early October, in the middle Pia Lina, former Iten, now since a few minutes Keller, and Oskar Otto Keller, just married. On the left my Dads Father, Otto Jakob, and on the right my Fahter's Sisther Lydia, living today in Amsterdam. Pic captured in the garden of Ristorante Giardino in Sorengo by Lugano. Resto still existing today! 

1930 -1940

Oskar 1939 - May I introduce you my dad, Oskar Otto Keller (1915-2004), here in a picture from 1939, so than he was 24 years old.

1939 - This are historical pictures of football team FC Lugano, captured before the second war, at their first pitch called Campo Marzio in Cassarate, where today you have the Lido di Cassarate. My father Oskar, standing, 2nd from left, managed the team.

Here, you may see him als last on the right.

My Dad Oskar 1932 in Casssarate Lugano, close to the Campo Marzio football field where FC Lugano played. Photo by St. Dobrzanski Diessenhofen.

1930-1940 - Once, my Grandaddy had some bad luck, when he tried to discover the Prairie.

1938 - My Granddad Giacomo Otto Keller had a business in Cassarate by Lugano and in this sports weekly magazine Castagnola Sportiva you see an AD, written in italian and german.

1930-1940 - This is my Grand Father Otto Keller driving this Fiat Balilla, some time around 1930 or so.

More pics are coming next. Thanks for visiting. Comments please by mail at giorgio@giorgio.li , paying CHF 20 in advance for the time I need to answer you... Time is money and if you have, don‘t loose it, transfer it to me.