During all the years in my job, I had the opportinuty to meet known and very known people. Sometime I think about past time. Let dream back in Reminders.

Clay Regazzoni 1939-2006 - Long time ago, in 1974, I had the first opportunity to talk to Clay Regazzoni. I was a young reporter in Formula 1. Since than, we always had a very nice relationship, even after his terrible accident in March 1980. I was also at the base about his comeback as racer, when in 1985 I had the idea to build for him a go-kart, especially for him. This was the start for his 2nd career. I am proud about this step, very proud, because he start to be an example for all the handicap people, who may be attackers and winners, not loosers.

Anyway. In 2008 I decided to start a tour on special In Memoriam Clay Regazzoni Exhibitions, which will start End of March 2009. Watch the AD on the top.

And clic my special homepage dedicated to Clay Regazzoni: http://www.clayregazzoni.ch

Jo Siffert 1936-1971 - When I was young..., yeah, than I was a fan of Jo Siffert, a terrible fast car driver who won 2 Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1968 and 1971 before he died October 17th, 1971, in Brands Hatch. I was crying this night. I dind't forgot him. I made at that time a small show with posters in the school. What a unbelievable thing 35 years later! In my new fonction (2005-2007 before Christian Lange's the company went bankrupt) as Responsible Special Projects by the Company Interrace (www.interrace.ch), I convinced my boss to plan and so start for 2006 a Jo Siffert special Car Show - called Memorial Jo Siffert 35/70. I was the first having this idea about 35/70, it means 35 years after he died and 70 after his birth day. The show will take place in June 06 in the Hauptbahnhof Zurich, in November in the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in Bern, in November at the Auto Züri in Zurich. Also planned is Fribourg and Sion. Simply unbelievable to do, better, to repeat this kind of things sooooooooooo many years later. This picture is taken from www.josiffert.info - the most beautiful homepage about Jo Siffert.


Barry Sheene - He was a great one in the 70st. I am proud to have this personal autograph on this pictures I captured in Assen by the GP 1977 in the Chicane before start and finish line. Barry was still a gentlemen and never forgot to smile and say hello to you. I remember a story about him I saw in Chimay (Belgium). Few minutes before the start of the 500-Race, in his overall and with the Helmet on, he had to visit the toilets. But the Official incharged of the toilets dind't give him access because he havent the 10 Penny... and this 5 Minutes before the race start! Barry gave him a terrible Magenbox in his face, went to do his small business and was ready to start the Race.